Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Getting lost in the shadows of the trees and rocks, on the way to the lake. For some reason real simple things like rocks on the bottom of the creek, silhouette of the branches against the sky  or skipped lunch have to me emotional value, sometimes nameless, sometimes formed into words. So this one sounds to me and I wrote it in Japanese "till the end of love". And it is not from the

Leonard Cohen's

 famous song, but from the feeling that love will remain till the end. And it is no point to be afraid, because it doesn't matter.
I used ink and 2 Kuretake pens.



CrimsonLeaves said...

Such a beautiful spot. I love the little washes of blue within this piece, Nikira.

Nikira said...

Thank you very much CrimsonLeaves! This blue is Kuretake Real Brush, a bit purplish blue, works like watercolor. Seems like everything is so beautiful there, Upstate, lake, trees, roofs, rocks, people. :-)