Monday, February 28, 2011

Sketches of people in brown book.

Sketches with antique triangle pencil in brown sketchbook.

Here used Palomino pencil, the orange one, my first Palomino, I forgot how smooth and wonderful original Palomino is. It is pretty short already, so I used pencil extender, I got from JetPens, the one, which was advised me by Fellini, my cat. I chose metallic silver color, it is so light in your hand, pleasure to draw with. This sketches helped me navigate through today's obstacles.

Subway sketches in February.

Sketched on F train, good looking man with computer tablet typing.
People on the train. I was happy when nobody noticed that I was sketching, but one guy did and kept glancing at me suddenly, so I had no time to hide and he made me angry. Lol. I used mostly this antique triangle pencil-ruler. This guy in colored clothes touched with Twin Kuretake pen, cool, almost watercolory.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Post office on Mermaid Ave.

I used Kuretake pens, water brush, ink and some outlining with fountain pen in Moleskine. Such pretty name, Mermaid Ave, such not nice neighborhood. Murals on walls depicting scenes of Coney Island, Luna Park, clowns, Ferris wheel, I could not fit it all here.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Drawn in the dark.

Kinda experimental. Was pretty dark plus I was laying while sketching, so many lines and cat in the dark is not easily recognizable. The good thing  I am getting few songs of Lykke li. Can't post it here, it is not on Youtube yet. Don't know how post it from my iTunes or desktop. Her new album coming out in 2 days.

Japanese artist drawing dragon.

Amazing artist in japanese print shop.
I was so impressed with his skills. Some of the tricks looks familiar from some techniques in faux paintings, for example woodgraining, imitating  some textures.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sketch with antique triangle pencil.

Sketched people with this interesting antique pencil, triangle, from Japan with a little harsh lead, really enjoyed it, it squarish lead had sudden resistance sometimes, so I had to make an effort to continue the line and it was like a dialog with the pencil and width of the stroke changed. I used Holbein sketchbook, I bought in Woodstock in happy times. I should get bigger size, I saw it in New York Central store.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kuretake water brush.

Underneath drew with watercolor pencil, Durer, on the top - Kuretake water brush. I like that is green. Pentel, Pilot and Koi water brushes transparent or bluish, Kuretake makes it in happy colors. I was a bit jealous to people from England, who can get em in colors, now got mine from London. :-) I drew it with Zig Clean Color brushes by Kuretake, it washes like watercolor and tip is very delicate.

Sketching on the way and Zig.

Sketched early in the morning and drew Zig brush over. Used white Ink Kaimei. When I drew over this white ink it dirtied tip of the brush, I was  hoping its permanent. And it bubbles like crazy, and it stains fingers severely. Primer would be the best but you can't carry heavy can every time you wanna use white in Moleskine. Next time will try more of Zig Opaque Writer from Kuretake. This hand with coffee is Watercolor pencil.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Old car.

I was looking at this car for a long time passing by on 60 street in Brooklyn. It was parked on few different places, on driveway or street. Looks like it is Plymouth Belvedere 1955 or may be 1957, but 1957 doesn't have words Belvedere on a side, but sort of check mark. Color is metallic blue towards periwinkle. I didn't want to add color, used ink only and Kuretake brush. I really don't like to do anything but draw.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Evening on scrap paper.

Kuretake brush pens on scrap paper.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wishing happiness in few languages.

Didn't fit into the scanner, so had to force it and it lost some brightness, because scanned open, without lid.
So here is closer in value but composition didn't fit in. I drew cornucopia, tennis racquet, because he plays tennis, stethoscope, because she is a doctor, formulas because he is in science, frames and roses because I love Michal Negrin. And all in ink, because I can't be without ink. Nerve racking day because of key.

West Side.

We often used this way to go Upstate or to New Jersey, it is always so open and full of reflections. I drew it with Kuretake pens over this unusual paper and water brush. It takes long time to dry and changes color. I used my mother's ivory bone knife with pharaoh for cutting this paper. It has certain magic, she used it for opening letters, I feel her touch.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Salz pencil.

On the top of the sketches from the doc's office, done with watercolor Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer pencil, I drew my antique "Salz" pencil, dated April 14 1925. Thin paper struggles to accept ink from Kuretake brush pens I used. I heard Fabriano sketchbooks with tinted paper is thicker. Watercolor pencil is very weak on brown paper, may be I should try it on white?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bavaria pencil.

This is pretty old pencil from 1920's, I think; it says "Bavaria" on the clip and takes 1.18 mm lead. I had to replace lead from my 1930's old stock, because original was crumbling. I really like happy color of this pencil and the way it sits in my hand. The man on the right is drawn with this pencil. I used Kuretake brush pens for sketch of the pencil. Ink almost eat thin paper. I was looking at Khadi sketchbooks today, very interesting paper, mostly sold in England, but they have 4 books in Manhattan, I should plan a trip to that store, combined with sketching, museum and getting this sketchbook.


Here sort of experiment on Thailand's paper I got in Jerry's Artarama in West Orange. Landscape. I used Kuretake pens with ink. Didn't fit in the scanner. Next time I should try watercolor. Paper is full of holes, water makes ink bleed like crazy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Train station.

This is very typical train station for Brooklyn, overlooking roofs and billboards, where is so lonely and crowded and so easy to dream. From the other side of the ocean. I used ink and couple of Kuretake pens just for the hint of color.

Monday, February 14, 2011


By outlining ink drawing with sepia Letter pen Cocoiro I wanted to show energy of morning city, full of life, cars, noise, moving wheels. I couldn't resist adding hieroglyphs (from translator). I used Kuretake brush pens for color and mixed ink in Fabriano pad.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mountain house.

Ink and few Kuretake pens in watercolor Moleskine. This time I made few puddles of ink and add color from it. This few wet spots looks like  tears drops. Tear drops for times when we were so happy there, or from cold I am suffering today? In reality it is green water brush, Kuretake, with big barrel.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baked fish.

Red fish. Kuretake pens in Watercolor Moleskine A4. I wanted to leave a lot of white paper for contrast, freshness, for color to show more. Red is pretty reserved. I used Kuretake Zig lines: Clean Color, Brushables and Twin. And for lettering I used Zig Letter Pen, Cocoiro, I set it up today, it has cute design, you have to combine it yourself. I will post photo of it later.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Drew with bunch of Kuretake pens and ink on watercolor paper. Open new water brush, green color with big barrel, Kuretake. I love green color, the color of my daughter's eyes.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pencil sketches in brown book.

I drew with small leftover Conte pencil, french, charcoal, I think.
Sleeping guy and others on F train.
Here I was with the shot, so have no idea what I was doing.
On the way back. Man, reading E-book. Cool, but I like to flip pages with my finger and illustrations will look different on electronic book, even if it would be possible at all. So here used "perfect" pencil, grade B. I feel bad to use Moleskine for such momentarily sketches, so sticking to brown book.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter landscape.

This time I tried to keep Kuretake low key and used mostly ink and few Kuretake pens:  ZIG ART & GRAPHIC TWIN and  ZIG CLEAN COLOR REAL BRUSH. I really like dual points and watercolor like quality. This 303 Twin blue is awesome for sky and snow. Most of tall Kuretake doesn't fit into my beloved Nomadic pencil case, I think I should look for bigger version of Kutsuwa Dr. Ion Mega Pencil Case. It is fun to have just pens with you and water brushes.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Nachos Supreme.

I was curious up to what extend Kuretake pens will be able to go? I tried to keep it subdued, but colors played its own game. So here is delicious Nachos, my daughter made and I really enjoyed it. Kuretake pens, Kuretake 13, water brushes on Arches.

Pencil sketches on a Subway.

Sketching on the way makes annoying bearable. On the way to Manhattan.
This guy was cool, not too happy looking, but who knows how we look to others?
This on the way back, when I was able to grab a seat. I went to NY Central and looked at paper selection there, way better than in West Orange. I got myself thick white pencil Stabilo Woody with waxy lead for adding fast white in quick sketches and couple of papers. I saw this awesome watercolor paper Bockingford, but didn't know what color to buy, it was oatmeal, gray and bunch of others.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mona Lisa.

Restaurant in Bensohurst, Brooklyn, with big pile of snow in front of it. Never eat there, just like it cozy italian looking facade with warm yellow and red roof. I drew it solely with Kuretake pens, isn't cool? I used few "Art and Graphic twin", "Brushables" and "Clean Color Real Brush" and of course my favorite waterbrush. Still alot to explore. On Arches watercolor book. I went to "Jerry's Artarama" today to look at their paper selection. I liked Handmade book, looked nice, but price is crazy.

Horse Rider 2.

This Horse Rider didn't fit into my scanner, so part of burnt edges is not shown. I love horses, use to ride for years, my favorite was full gallop while standing on short stirrups, holding with one hand, wrapping some hair from mane around my fingers...
Here used big flat brush, 2 inches, something incredible in flat brushes, how they make a brushstroke.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I drew this interesting pencil-ruler over subway sketch from my trip to Manhattan. This pencil is roller-ruler from 0 to 36 inches. You roll it's round wheel-head and it counts inches by moving little mark in the middle of dent with markings on pencil's body. Isn't cool?
 I used different Kuretake pen brushes for it, amazed by versatility, more to explore. Finally I got long desired Kuretake Brushables! Yes!