Friday, February 11, 2011


Drew with bunch of Kuretake pens and ink on watercolor paper. Open new water brush, green color with big barrel, Kuretake. I love green color, the color of my daughter's eyes.


Nancy said...

Hello Nikira,

I just signed on as a follower, but discovered your blog here and on the 'skine site a few weeks ago. Your drawings are wonderful; I especially love your street scenes. And your portrait of Marika! May I ask what pen or ink you are using for the soft sepia colors in the architectural work? I've bought some of the zig brushables and clean colors, but wonder how you get such a subtle range?

Many thanks,


Nikira said...

Hi Nancy, thank you for your kind comment. I use Kuretake few ways: sometimes directly, sometimes on wet spot, sometimes first apply on plastic lid from soup container little puddle and than take on water brush, or wash with water brush right away while the stroke is wet. I like to mix couple of inks together and use with water brush.