Friday, November 29, 2013


 Boy's room in a process. Machinery. From sketchbook to the wall.

Chanukah, glass.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Subway sketches on the way to Manhattan.

Sleeping man, he was so broken to pieces, but still presentable. I was glad he didn't look at me once.

It was a rainy day and boring things I had to do in the City, but sketching made my day happier, especially when I switch pencils. I used a little bit of oil based Faber-Castell.

Amazing to look at people, trying to feel their mood, hiding mine, switching stare, when they look at me. What is uniting them is silence, but everyone's silence is so different.
Here is another glass and I finished Chanukah, will take picture later.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pencil sketches and pretty dinner.

Sketches on the "F" train and raw ideas for the boy's room with machinery.

Dinner, cooked by my daughter with turkey melt wrap and artichoke-spinach palmiers. Little Pig under the table trying to hypnotize me, so I will drop it all so he can eat it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Subway sketches, November 15.

I draw on both side of the sketchbook's pages, seems more space for learning, even sketches getting dirty from touching each other, even destroyed.
 I went to get more paints in the City, in few stores, because all of  them had limited quantity. Met few nice people, who were kind to me and I was very nice to them. It is so easy to say something sweet, to erase ugly impression, left by one woman in her at least fifties, who threw bucket of gesso at a young cashier  girl, barely missing her.
 I was thinking how hard it is now to find work, and so many people with degrees working simple jobs behind the counter, because they need to pay bills. We have to respect each other and remember that one word can spoil the rest of the day for someone, who struggles enough to meet ends, that this person is someone's child, by hurting him, you hurt people who loves him too. Anyway, being kind is mandatory.

By drawing people, I carve their faces and imaginary stories in my memory.This young musician on the top with such spiritual expression on his face, even delicate white hand against the black case of the instrument,  seems, still playing, I don't even know what instrument it was. Or this girl with blond hair and prickly blue book bag and skinny legs, looking a bit goofy because of the big Mary-Jane sandals. Or a very good looking gay guy in tight black clothes, with doll's eyes, who didn't get into the sketchbook, but stuck in my memory.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lunch and more glass.

Running errands and managed this page in my strange sketchbook.

Here is a photo of my beautiful lunch. I don't have time to draw it and miss ink terribly, but glass is the main priority, because all 12 pieces have to be installed on time.

Here is "Shabbat".

Yom Kippur.

Simchat Torah.

Preparing myself for the 4th one.

Monday, November 11, 2013


I transferred drawing on the glass, my hand got numb from squeezing paint from the tube right away, so I wore that stiff old glove.

Applied some color, listening to new Aubele's CD. Needs more layers.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Concert and sketches.

Sketched on the Subway on the way to concert of Federico Aubele in Brooklyn. First was young group from Montreal, so I sketched them a little, than it became too dark.

Federico Aubele was amazing, he mixes sounds of the street with traditional Argentinian tango and longing guitar. It is especially touching for me, because I am on the 3-d book of Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and my heart is connected to Barcelona for now. Aubele from Buenos Aires and lived and created music in Barcelona, and so is Natalia Clavier, the magic voice of many of his songs.
 Here is one of his songs from new Album, I bought there.


I could not help it swaying along with music.

 A bit rough, on the way home. Came home around 1 am, what a youngster. I will draw my impression in ink, as soon as I'll gain a bit of freedom.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 2 and Marc Chagall's exhibit.

 I drew people on NY Subway on the way to Mark Chagall's exhibit.
I think it is always good to give yourself different assignment when you draw. It helps to learn and grow and even discover new things about yourself. Here I forced myself to do first contour of the figure, ignoring all my knowledge about the anatomy, often trying to draw parts from the top or the bottom of the page, to train my eye to read general shapes. Then I can draw second contour, allowing myself to see the face, direction of the movement, connection of parts. To see what describes this person and his emotion the most. And than the fun part to see if I got it right in likeness.

Yesterday I went to see Chagall"s exhibit in Jewish Museum in Manhattan and I saw it in a new  new light, which was amazing to me. First, and I knew it, he painted what he felt strong about in his life, second, that all that fantastic images, painted on most of his canvases, based very strongly on knowing Jewish religion, where words in Hebrew, symbols and visual metaphors connected in a most amazing way.
I was not always agree with interpretation of his paintings, written near each work, but it was an awesome experience.

November 1 sketches.

I sketched in Starbucks, it was nice to sink in a comfortable chair and I was seeking a minute of silence. Some people who sat near me start taking to me, about unusual warm fall, than about their problems. One really cute guy with a wing of a blond hair, falling on his forehead, first asked me to watch his coffee while he got his bag, than complained about his pain and pills he needs to take, and from being tired to stay alone at home. His eyes were light blue with thin red outlines, pain lives that red. I felt very bad. He didn't need to hear me, but just someone to listen to him.

I felt very fragile that day, because of my problems with the project, I am doing. But meeting few strangers, who I will never see again, hearing them, caring, liking them, restore my strength, because every one of us can do something to make others feel better, to change the world, to give a smile, to say a word.