Monday, August 31, 2009

Photos of my mother, me and my daughter as children.

All our names start with letter I, even both of my grandmothers. My daughter said she wont keep it that way.
Talking about genes.

  Check the book by Natalie Angier 
Woman An Intimate Geography.

Look at another amazing artist Vrubel.


Interior. Glazing and venetian.

Too busy with adjusting  my Mac, so posting one of the works I did. Dining room walls.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Portrait I painted to make some money.


Faux painting on the cabinet door in the bathroom.


I got my Mac.

need to sleep

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Liza, the kindest and loving cat on Earth.

She will give you all her warmth and lick your nose till it sanded off. And she is not afraid of anything, she was born in our family and never learn anything bad or scary. She loves man at work and always the first to watch them closely fix cable box, paint closet. Funny.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weeping willow on my driveway.

It was huge and beautiful tree but then if was struck by a thunder, reduced to a split tiny brown log, but loved and cared for by my husband, wrapped in wire, fed, watered, and spread brunches and came back to life and even gave life to another tree from broken brunch. Nature is amazing.

Self portrait made with 2 colors from dirty plastic pallet Upstate in the morning.

Wanted to share my love for Valentine Serov, great russian artist.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going to sleep.

Getting ready for my new Mac. :-)


Next day same place, marina near Inna's tennis club. I pushed myself to do cars. Think prospective.


After I dropped Inna at the tennis club for work, I spend time sketching boats in Mill Basin, on the same street, fun.

Yard near my building.

Was waiting for legal parking so decide to draw my crib.

Fellini, my boy.


Gate. Arboretum.

Was kinda cool to sit in the car and draw with Inktense pencils. Gotta figure out what the heck this weird English pencils for. The result is not equal to pleasure .

Messed up day and lonely.

Life in distress.


Rainy day.

At the lake.

Orthopedic doc office

Blue backyard


pretty gloomy sketch, bears come to visit

Couple. Sketch in the doc office. Medical commitie



Black and white girl.

Tried memory brush, kinda cool but weak pen brush.


Weeds from the steps in front.

Maple Crest again. Went with Ira and Inna for a tan.

Maple Crest Lake.

Renewed Colgate from the rock with Inna on a hot day.


Watercolor before it was all messed up by the Heater guy.

Colgate lake



Cool picture from the Web


I found it somewhere online and I like it a lot, graphics and play with burgers.