Saturday, April 16, 2011

Talens Rembrandt watercolor, I got on Ebay, from London.

Main view.
Hope the logo and lettering is showing. It says beneath the logo "Rembrandt.  made in apeldoorn holland"
View from the top.
View from the bottom. No legs, ring is not secured.  I am wondering how old  this set could be? Paints seems in very good condition, very responsive. I will have to place colors in a bit different order, how I accustomed to: white, yellows,  reds, blues, greens, browns, gray, black.


Ziza said...

Judging from the box it is newer than my 2 old sets x12 which have nicer mat finish, and is certainly not a new line. The paint colours look a bit duller than in my box but that could be due to flash (or its absence). I'd say they could be roughly 10 years old. I repeat: do not worry. My older sets are 25-30 and still fresh and ready for painting. You can squeze pans and fit one more in each row and 12-13 in the middle if you like (could be other brand there. Useful thing is to paint colour chart and fit it in the cover keeping it there at least as long as you get used to them... :)

Ziza said...

I've sent inquiry directly to Talens to find out about timeline of Rembrandt design changes. If and when I get the reply I will pass it to you.

Nikira said...

Thank you so much, Ziza, you are wonderful! I will try to do color chart. I didn't do it since I was 18 in my first year of college when we learned technology of art materials and along with color charts we had to study lightfastness of pigments and chemical formulas and what mixtures could be made without affecting long lives of artwork. It was such intense study, that I kind of learned it forever. My favorite color combinations (except for attraction to muted inks) are Cezanne's favorite ochres and blues. This why turquoise and cerulean paints are so important.