Saturday, April 2, 2011

Interior with metallic glaze in strie.

Here would be chandelier hanging above the table. This design was made up and stenciled and hand finished.
Strie and panels on the bottom, this panels was the easiest thing to do but looked so nice. All woodwork was antiqued.
Another side of the room, staircase took greenish metallic glaze with antiquing, brownish antiquing connected to oak banister.
This was interesting finish, metallic tinted plaster from MM, I love working with knives, playing with texture. Top layer I did with opal glaze. This is guest bathroom. The sink will be metallic glass with tight texture, together it will be awesome.
Entrance room, depicting sort of abstract landscape with blue sky-like panels on the ceiling, with light wrinkles in it. Trim would be antiqued.
Now longing for new project.

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