Sunday, April 17, 2011

Uranius Multifunction pen.

Here is sketch over sketch and some writing from the book I am reading, one of the books I am reading, because it is 5 of them. The book I got as a present from my friend called "How to read Chinese paintings". It is really interesting and enlightening. This is one of the things I would like to do one day to study Sumi-e and Japanese language. On the top I drew this interesting pen Uranius Multifunction, on one side it is rollerball on the other - brush. In white circles I drew endings of this pen. It is sleek and a bit heavy, because it is metal, and on the left cap has to be unscrewed, I love it.  I used Ink and Kuretake brushes, white pencil and couple of colored pencils.


Norman said...

Very neat Nikira! Would you like me to add this sketch and comments -- or another one you've done with the 2018 -- to the Multifunction web page?

Nikira said...

Thank you very much, Norman, I can't get enough of this pen. Sure you can add any sketch you want or both, I'll be very happy. :-)

Norman said...

Thanks Nikira. *Is* there another one on your site, drawn with the Multifunction, that I missed?



Promotional Pens said...

good submission

Nikira said...

Thank you very much, Promotional Pens. I am a Pen and Ink person and Pencil addict too. :-)

Fabiana said...

Mystery solved! :D Never saw a double sized pen made of metal, just the plastic ones.
Where is it made?

Wow, you read a lot at the same time! I'm trying to read less books at the same time and concentrate in only one or two till the end, or I tend to give up and never end neither of them. I have attention deficit disorder, so sometimes it's hard to keep focused in a lecture if it's boring or the rhythm is not so good. Have to adapt to keep a good pace, but still testing techniques and tips to improve it.

Sumi-e is very beautiful indeed. Loved this drawing by the way! :D

Hugs and kisses!

Nikira said...

Fabiana, this pen is heavy and feels so good in hand, I think sells internationally. It is just often not in stock, gotta wait.
I use to read a lot and each book to the end, I tried to read world best writers. Now it is different for me, I am using my free time mostly for drawing and internet gives answers to so many questions.
I use to listen lectures with pen in hand, to write down keywords and doodle in between, it helped me to concentrate. This how I did an amazing notebook on technology of art materials ( we studied chemical ingredients of different paints and how it works in mixes, and how it sustains the light, and different technologies in different centuries ), and my notebook was much more informative than any book on it, but then I use to give it to people and it got lost. :-)