Monday, October 6, 2014

Painting Sukkahs and a big challenge.

Painted few Sukkahs on panels for Holiday Sukkot. Here is Tomb of Mother Rahel, the Mother of Sorrows.  I spent a day for each painting, in one day I did 2 paintings, crazy long days. Panels are pretty big, walls for Sukkahs. On the top going bamboo branches, so you can see stars through the roof, while celebrating holiday.

The City of David, was pretty challenging, to build all this structures in perspective and in proportion.

Kotel was the first I did and I struggled a lot, to keep all this lines dancing on panels.

This was big and fiberglass bumpy, so paint was sliding like crazy and lines danced, pretty hard, so almost with my eyes closed I finished it.

Also on fiberglass panel. This and a previous one I did in one day. It was useful experience and big challenge. I had shawarma twice, it was not as amazing as in "Olympic Pita", our favorite shawarma and falafel place, also I ate it alone, but still it was a small  highlight of the day.