Monday, February 28, 2011

Sketches of people in brown book.

Sketches with antique triangle pencil in brown sketchbook.

Here used Palomino pencil, the orange one, my first Palomino, I forgot how smooth and wonderful original Palomino is. It is pretty short already, so I used pencil extender, I got from JetPens, the one, which was advised me by Fellini, my cat. I chose metallic silver color, it is so light in your hand, pleasure to draw with. This sketches helped me navigate through today's obstacles.


Anonymous said...

There is something delicious about sketching on brown paper....I don't know what it is...but each time I use it or see someone else's drawings I get all giddy and happy inside! It looks so vintage, I think that's what I like best...and you've given me the itch to draw tonight!

thanks so much for the inspiration!

your drawings are awesome! and the touches of white highlight are just perfect!

ciao bella

creative Carmelina

Nikira said...

Thank You very much, Creative Carmelina. You right, brownish paper creates vintage nostalgic looks, helps to connect to old times, making us part of it. Cool idea. :-) I am glad to be useful. Please, show what you did and if it is on brown paper?

Clyde Semler said...

Great sketch. Love the way the fragments of feet and chair tie together.

Fabián Fucci said...

Very good job.

Nikira said...

Thank you very much, Clyde Semler and Fabián Fucci for encouragement, you give me more energy to go out and draw.