Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sketching on the way and Zig.

Sketched early in the morning and drew Zig brush over. Used white Ink Kaimei. When I drew over this white ink it dirtied tip of the brush, I was  hoping its permanent. And it bubbles like crazy, and it stains fingers severely. Primer would be the best but you can't carry heavy can every time you wanna use white in Moleskine. Next time will try more of Zig Opaque Writer from Kuretake. This hand with coffee is Watercolor pencil.


sketching fool said...

have you tried the Uni-ball Signo Broad Gel Pen white? I'm also looking for a good white in easy to carry form. Going to give this a try - from your favorite - Jetpens!

Nikira said...

Hi Sketching Fool, I did, I used it up, I liked it.Now I have Pentel Gel and leftover of Pentel Hybrid. But if you need to do broad and even stroke, it leaves a lot of streaky touches. Also I experiment with Kuretake Opaque Writer. I hope Kuretake will expend their market in US and we'll get bigger variety of portable brush pens.