Friday, August 17, 2012

Couple of sketches on the way.

Subway sketch in Muji book. I am trying to deal with many options on my way, don't like to say "no" to any challenge,  doing samples, talking to people, getting more and more tired and longing for drawing.
Today is only 17th, but my mind is racing and I am running into tomorrow. I wrote 18th.
Squeezed some colors for touch ups on the wall, flowers and some twigs. Meanwhile thinking about color for base coat for glazing in coffee with milk and reddish tremors, metallic strokes in pearl and gold on color, paintings with pomegranate, sky in peachy tones, pricing kitchen cabinets, garden with fountain, drawing red car, deep chocolate/caramel for entrance room, hight toll prices on Verrazano and all that for different people.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Your stream of consciousness writing lends to understanding how your mind is racing and you are tired. I'm right there with you. Your sketches are always amazing, Nikira. I really love those on the brown paper.

Nikira said...

Thank you very much CrimsonLeaves! Sketching on toned paper always fun, it gives right away extra dimension. I am trying to organize my sketchbook life. I use to draw in one, finish and start the other, but now listening to the mood, occasion, material and feel total freedom to choose what is desirable for a moment. :-)