Thursday, November 24, 2011

Published in Mexico!

Got this beautiful book from Mexico, Peninsula de Yucatan,   with my watercolor published  in it, super happy.
What a wonderful surprise. Thank you very much Adolfo. 
Typed in Google translator and this what came out:

Born in Russia and lives in New York.
In her works we see a constant search for technical improvement through the use of different pencils, inks and papers.
Makes detailed sketches and works of various aspects of everyday life.The sketch of the pitahaya did when she found the fruit on a market: bought to try it exotic flavor and with the idea of ​​drawing it. It is so delicious to eat yet is so beautiful.


LOWON said...


Nikira said...

Thank you very much LOWON. :-)

Unknown said...

Pitahaya? That looks like Dragon Fruit to me! Delicious and a great painting :)

Nikira said...

Yes, Dragon fruit, thank you. :)