Sunday, November 13, 2011


I was always interested in Payne's Gray color hearing so much about beautiful mixtures it could create.  Loving amazing palette of grays by Serov I was intrigued. A friend from Serbia mention this  great sale in London for Rembrandt watercolor, I tried and end up with this wonderful addition to my 24 colors pan set I got from Ebay some time ago. Now I may have to figure out what palette I will need for tubes, or I can get empty pans, or even wash pans from old paints and fill it with paint from tubes. In any case it is more inspiration now to experiment with color.
I also got filbert brush and 2 telescopic Da Vinci brushes with interesting idea to fold it without damaging shape.
My idea of cover protecting brush shape is simpler and better, I just don't know how to introduce it to the world, where to find people who can actually produce it. :-)
Here on the photo I compared bottoms of two pans: old which came with Ebay set and this new, different design.

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