Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SUbway sketches.

Here was interesting to draw mouth completely shifted on the side and just to capture personality of that sleeping sharp looking aged dry woman with closed door into her world.
Morning, some people sleeping, giving me perfect opportunity to look at them unnoticed.
Sleeping people.
I love water soluble pencils, such a quick reaction. I saw  a review today on Faber-Castell, want to get it. I pass by "Pearl" in China town this days, may be I'll have time to sneak in, if they won't close to early. With JetPens entering into my life "Pearl" lost it's crown as an art supply store.
Feeling that I am filling precious sketchbook too fast I started sketching on other side of the page too. Paper  is a very good quality so takes washes nicely.
It was made on the way back  when crowd receded and I was able to find a quiet corner to sketch. I liked that reading mean, tried to eliminate too many details and only capture the gesture. And this little girl with the fruit radiating color on her face.
I think it is really toning exercise, momentarily sketching,  healthy use of combination of brain and hand, constant alert of visual aspect of life, keeps mind in shape.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Always love reading your thoughts as you sketch from life, Nikira. You always amaze me with these. It would take me weeks to do one person and it surely wouldn't look pretty when I finished.

Nikira said...

Thank you very much CrimsonLeaves, you are too kind to me. If you treat a figure as an abstract form you'll find it much easier to draw it. Main thing for us, artists, I think, to set a goal and keep learning and climbing, no matter what. And whatever is burning inside of us maybe change something for others. :-)