Friday, July 27, 2012

Subway sketches in Stillman&Birn on the way to Soho and back.

I am sketching on the train with water soluble pencils, briefly touching people's lives, while pencil is is scribbling and I am reading thoughts and mouthes, feeling their emotions, than loosing interest, when sketch is over or person stands up and leave the subway car and my life. Exiting my life.
I am beyond tired, trying to embrace all I have to finish, projects, obligations, promises. But I can't be still or idle.
Interesting to draw in groups and in patches of light and shadows. I am trying to abstract from understanding where is nose and ears, but see shapes and angles in relation to each other.
I like this guy in a cap, his pose, simplicity of this sketch.
I almost finished Gamma sketchbook, makes me sad. It is such a great sketchbook and I filled it with momentarily sketches of people in a Subway, it is almost abuse. Almost like driving Ferrari to pick up a dog's poop on a curb.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Not abuse when you capture the beauty that everyone has in them, Nikira. People are fascinating all beautiful in one or another. If I had a Ferrari, I'd also have someone else paid to pick up dog poop. LOL

Nikira said...

@ CrimsonLeaves, honestly, some of my clients who has Ferrari, still walks their dogs and curb after them themselves. :-) I love to draw people, but I feel bad that lots of my fancy sketchbooks filled with just pencil drawings. I am trying to keep Delta and Beta for color, paper is so good.