Friday, April 27, 2012

Trying different pencils in Stillman&Birn Gamma sketchbook.

Tried "Sketch and wash" pencil and Palomino Blackwing 602 on the bottom. Thought again how wonderful would be to get that crazy fisherman vest with million pockets, I saw on that old lady coming out of that fancy Manhattan building, where I did glazed stony panels. I would have a pocket for water brushes and one for Muji pen, and one for few Kuretakes...
Here tried watercolor pencil and oil based Pitt, both were pleasant on this paper. First I felt bad to use such strong paper for casual sketches, but then couldn't resist the pleasure of scribbling with different tools on such friendly surface, it was gliding and nothing bleed on the other side, even strokes with pressure.
Spent few minutes in the park, sketching people with oil based pencil. So nice, cold, sunny and magically lonely. Wind dropped few small branches from the tall trees, I thought would be funny to be struck by a stray branch, especially after falling on the marble floor on spilled hand soup. So I decided to limp home.
I wish I had sharpener with me, but it is too bulky for the trip, so I used washable pencil unsharpened. Had so much fun with it. Conclusion: this Gamma book is excellent companion for a trip with any media, hope to try it soon with watercolor.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Fabulous sketches, Nikira! I love hearing of all these unknown to me artist tools.

Nikira said...

CrimsonLeaves! Thank you. I love pencils so much, may be it would be an interesting idea to draw each drawing with separate tool and show it as a series of experiments with tools? I start collecting pencils some time ago, especially love old ones. The only thing is time, to be free to experiment. :-)