Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Boats on Bockingford paper.

I sort of gave up after painful battle with the scanner. Paper is too big for it and too crooked, so it is approximated version of that boats and canal near Kings Plaza in Brooklyn, made with Sepia ink, couple of Kuretake pens, white gel pen, Namiki Falcon pen on gray Bockingford 140 lb paper.
Paper, even seems so strong and excepting water start buckling in a process, but the good part its really easy to burn, hard not to burn completely.
Namiki Falcon is the most amazing pen created by genius.


CrimsonLeaves said...

You've given up a secret and mystery to me...I thought you were painting in the burned edges and thought it was phenomenal! LOL Every time I've tried to burn the edges of something to gain this effect, it always burns too far. Love the painting; the colors are exquisite and it is a not so secret dream of mine to live on a boat!

Nikira said...

I've been trying to break the straight edge for ages using different methods, darkening, cutting paper with my mother's ivory knife, distress it. It gives the feeling of eternity. Painting it will take too much time, but I tried that too.
Living on a boat sounds so interesting! You'll have to know how to sail and what if you want to have a pet, cat? :-)