Saturday, April 21, 2012

Perception vs Reality.

perception vs reality

 I found this amazing site and watched video showing how our brain works, how we build our personal map of reality through subconscious processes in our brain. Information seems familiar, but still clearly explains a lot about understanding reality and our place in it.
I grew up in society where we were taught that the basic question of philosophy - the question of the relation of consciousness and being, thought to matter, nature, viewed from two sides: first, that is the primary - spirit and nature, matter and consciousness - and, secondly, it refers to the knowledge of the world the world itself, or, alternatively, whether the consciousness of being, whether it can truly reflect the world.   But my personal experience helped me to realize that if today's science didn't discover something yet, it doesn't mean it does not exist.
Anyway, this site is a treasure and I want to share.

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