Monday, April 9, 2012

Green house.

Attractive house at Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn. I went for appointment and was surprised again by diversity of architecture and by new construction. May be it is my ability to see things in a new light, that makes me get charmed by the same objects, no wonder I love Proust so much, or may be houses do grow on Manhattan Beach like mushrooms after the rain.
I am running out of ink and using more and more not favorable leftovers and hesitate to throw art things out, so here I used old ink mixtures, Kuretake brush pens, Muji pen on Bockingford 90 lb paper.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Another gorgeous piece, Nikira. I am so curious to see what this house looks like on the inside. It is just so pretty!!

Nikira said...

Thank you CrimsonLeaves. I was in a different house, so don't know for sure, but assuming it would be more or less traditional, with figurative moldings and wooden furniture and nice patio on the back of the house. :-)