Sunday, April 1, 2012

Got a parcel from Stillman&Birn.

Yes! I am so lucky, I got a bunch of sketchbooks to try from Stillman&Birn. So exited. Paper is so juicy and strong. Now I can embark on a new sketching journey-adventure.  Thank you!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Both you and the girl getting those gorgeous tree branches with flowers are lucky indeed! You make me want to do something similar in my room!

Nikira said...

CrimsonLeaves, thank you! My wild trees on the window sill grew from avocados I eat once. :-) I never have enough time to draw on walls for myself, always busy with drawings in sketchbooks or paper.
You should definitely draw something in your room, something with brunches and big flowers and glazing. :-)

Nathalie said...

One sketchbook for a week? :) and one more pack in 1st of May :D
и абажур понравился, вид у него такой... шляпный.

Nikira said...

Nathalie, I guess I can finish one sketchbook in a week if I will be free from obligations, but unfortunately bills gotta be paid...:/
Абажур красивый, спасибо, с павлинами, которых мне не дают разрисовать. :)