Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still no time to draw but sketching on a train.

I am really thankful to people telling me about their lives and characters while I am drawing them and getting into a brief contact. We can communicate not only with words but with a power of thought. Possible my impressions not always right, but imagination takes part.

Here is today's commute to Manhattan and back. I used Faber-Castell Exam pencil 2B with flat lead. Pretty soft and messy on brown paper, but cool, because I used flat and sharp point parts. Last page is Old Blackwing, awesome feeling. White is gel pen. I am researching vintage wall paper, but tired and want to sleep.


ChristyP said...

Sleep drawing is so good for all of US but only my dog seems to really to know how.

Nikira said...

Sleep drawing? I actually did paint in my dreams and had interesting ideas. Sometimes I drew my dreams, complicated compositions. Once it was almost scene from Hieronymus Bosch, almost apocalypse. :-)