Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sketches on a train.

I took Kuretake Twin pen with me to try on this weird sketchbook I got somewhere in Home Goods or Marshall. Paper doesn't take washes how I was hoping and I realize that I don't like when sketchbook doesn't look like a plain planner or something not obviously artsy. Moleskine is the best for it but too expensive for quick sketches. Here is a biker done in Kuretake Zig Twin pen and Palomino Blackwing 602.
It was fun combining flesh color and pencil.
That lady kept changing her pose, crossing legs, hiding em underneath the bench.
He looked so tired, so did I . I went to DickBlick and got drunk on art supply. I got couple of Stabilo pens, 2 Durer pencils, wonderful sharpener M+R, couple of watercolor pads, few mats, cutting board for my table, couple of Dr.Ph. Martins, Higgins ink, small Arches art boards. Yea, embarrassing.


ChristyP said...

N! This is close to perfect - I can so feel the sinking weariness in this body....

Nikira said...

Christy, thank you. I think it was a special day for bikers, I saw on on the way to Manhattan and this tired one on the way back. I forgot to color red little blinking scull on the back of his bike.