Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photo of drawing "Wet".

Used my Rembrandt watercolor set and few brushes. Sadly notice how paints getting deeper and smaller, didn't draw anything serious yet.


Ontheroad said...

Do you mean the paint is going quickly?

And, Irina, can you tell the name of the brushes, and if the Da Vinci is sable or Cosmo-top Spin?

I just bought an Isabey 6 sable and got the newest Rosemary catalogue to compare all of the brushes.

Nikira said...

Yes, paint is going quickly. Da Vinci travel Kolinsky brush, Germany, 2 little ones travel Cotman Reversible from
I find it cheaper in UK than in USA, I bought there tiny Bijou box, love it. One fan brush is cheap Langnickel, others with glass handles Gold.N.Flo. On the right #2 Pure Squirrel, England from Jerry's Artarama. I have, not here W$N #6 Pure Squirrel and huge 817/12 Germany Pure Squirrel (never used it yet, need a big size paper for it).
I have something I want to get in Rosemary's, brushes with special covers, I will find the link and show you.

Ontheroad said...

Thanks for all the information.

The only difference I saw in the catalogue between the Rosemary and the other brushes is that she put a small "breathing" hole in the cap to allow a wet brush to dry better....but otherwise it seems to be exactly like my Escoda and similar to the Isabey.