Friday, May 31, 2013

Added second day to this painting.

After a long break I tried to go back to this landscape. Despite the crazy hot weather, no AC and one lady painting staircase with intoxicating oil poly in the same room, I was able to move it further.
My building has major problem with leak in AC system, so no AC at home either, which is also extremely uncomfortable. I guess it is aftermath of hurricane Sandy. We have heavy machinery digging holes around building (just hope that it won't make building collapse). :(


CrimsonLeaves said...

This piece is coming along beautifully, Nikira. What a great piece in a home. We do not have central a/c here either and I agree that it is miserable. We've resorted to a couple of a/c units and fans.

Nikira said...

Thank you, CrimsonLeaves. So hard to concentrate when hit is killing, more than 90 degrees in the room.
We are not allowed A/C units in our building, they will fine us. :( I am very sad seeing old people in and out of the elevator with dripping sweat on their faces. No escape.