Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I did "old world" in my kitchen, love playing with texture, even pressed for time. Camera didn't get the color right, it is more pale and more coffee in it.
I love this tile for back splash, even don't know how it would work with other colors. They discontinued some of them, only blues left, but I will grab this fleur-de lis in a heart beat. And may be mix with plain yellows. Handmade, I would like to paint it myself, but, no time. One day I will be happy to paint little pastoral scenes with  shepherds and sheep, women in dresses, small houses in blue colors on tiles. Beloved Holland tiles.
It was warm outside, even wet snow started to fall, from up here everything seemed so distant and unreal.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Nikira, is this your new place or your old place? When do you move in or have you already?

Nikira said...

This is the new place, I am still not living there, but have to move before the end of February. Very painful process, I don't know, if I will survive, because of many complications and mistakes, made by others and I am too stressed and sick. Besides being unable to draw, I am very much behind schedule, I am trying to coordinate and organize and I am alone in it. Thank you for asking, CrimsonLeaves.