Friday, November 30, 2012

Subway obsession on my phone.

Have to apologize for sudden stream of photos instead of drawings (I still do it, drawings, they scattered on my table, unfinished, unloved), it is really hard to get back to normal, when life is so uncertain and many things sort of lost meaning, become almost embarrassingly unimportant.
I kind off turned into eyes only, interesting feeling, when you are seeing, registering and not judging, not giving labels.
So here is about Subway.  In faux finishes world textures plays a big role, and here it is, many of them, interesting water stain on the back with blues and yellows and dirty umber, cascading green.
It is still "N" train station. Pretty amazing composition with arch, metal beam with little pipe, from this pipe water was dripping in interesting rhythm, I was trying to apply it to musical beat, that rhythm and it was so illogical, so spastic, probably very eclectic this music should be. Visually it was interesting, a bit theatrical (could make an interesting set for a movie or a play, so urban with mosaic of windows and graffiti and skeleton of the tree).
Nothing special, just the view through the metal structure, a bit suffocating.
You could see half of the Brooklyn from the platform. Also "N" train.
Here is Coney Island, where many trains start their journey. Feels so many choices you have, illusion of course, but elevating spirit.
Here is Piglet (still about Subway, because on the way to the train station), interesting that his shadow reveals his true nature, pig. You can see a young and perky pig in his shadow. May be I should reverse it and pig would be shadowing a white dog?


CrimsonLeaves said...

Amazing thoughts and clarity of emotions, Nikira. Drawings, photographs...still evidence your own unique views.

Nikira said...

Thank you very much, CrimsonLeaves, you are very kind to me. I couldn't draw on the way, but wanted to share interesting things I saw.