Friday, January 28, 2011

Triangular pencil.

Portrait of interesting flat triangular pencil-ruler from Japan. On one side it has markings in inches 4 and 5/8, below - in centimeters, probably 12, don't have tape measure in cm. On the other side it has few little stars and says Peace. If I will need to measure something suddenly, while drawing, this would be very useful. Lets say for rendering in scale. I love metal pencils, seems reliable. Today snowed again and transportation didn't work in the morning.


Mlodecka Natasha said...

Прекрасные работы! с удовольствием рассматриваю каждый раз ваш блог! Крандашики просто чудо, один их вид уже вдохновляет :)!

Nikira said...

Спасибо Наташа, Ваш блог мне тоже очень понравился и, особенно, Ваш солнечный мальчик.