Thursday, January 13, 2011

Perfect pencil by Faber-Castell.

Could not resist a good deal on Ebay, got "perfect" pencil. Read interesting reviews on it, how comfortable it is on the go with sharpener and lead protector in the cap. It will fit Palomino and Blackwing pencils. Awesome. With metal cap it cost enormous money $250-495, I am good with plastic one. Drew it with ink and few colored  Faber-Castell pencils in Moleskine on the top of scribbling in the doc office.


Gillian said...

I haven't heard of this pencil - I can't believe the price of the metal capped one though - is it made of solid gold?

Nice sketch - I love finding out about new products. x

Nikira said...

Gillian, look
Here is reviews
To get cheapest plastic option
On Ebay comes with 2 refills -better