Friday, January 7, 2011

Bryant Park from Ave of America's side.

When my daughter was little we use to go to Manhattan every weekend, I planned our adventure ahead on a computer: place to see, place to eat, walk a lot, little fun to buy something , so she will tolerate exhibitions and serious music. We called it celebration of life. It was exhausting but wonderful. So she got used to museums, opera, concerts. (It was pretty cheap, family and student's special discounts). And we fell in love with Manhattan, where you can always find something new to explore. So here Bryant Park from Ave of America's side and I fit  people in. Ink and couple of Inktense pencils.


Clyde Semler said...

This has a moody winter feeling, yet full of life. How lucky your daughter is to have parents who exposed her to the best cultural resources a city like Manhattan has to offer. I enjoyed your positive comments. Oftentimes, huge urban landscapes can be very harsh and impersonal. Keep up your excellent work.

Nikira said...

Thank you very much, Clyde Semler. I really appreciate your comment. As parents we want to make our world better and kinder, so it will be a happy place to raise our children. Manhattan offers so much. More they learn, more they can give and make it even a better place.
Your paintings are so colorful. Beautiful.