Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pencil sketches in same sketchbook.

Some of the sketches in Florida.

Back to NY, sketches on Subway. People are so different there, in Florida, they seems more human, they smile much more and look happier. In NY characters more amusing and unique, but you can feel the stress like a dark cloud over them... I had to slow my speed in Florida, love it there, closer to earth.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Nikira, where do you find the sketchbooks with brown paper? I love them. Your sketches are marvelous, as always.

Nikira said...

THank you very much, CrimsonLeaves. This particular sketchbook I bought in Department store "Century 21", when went to nail salon with my daughter and realize I will have 30 sketchless minutes there. You can look in "Home Goods", "Marshalls", "TJ Maxx", they may have hidden treasures. But in Art supply store or online you can get Strathmore toned paper sketchbooks in gray and tan colors, I got mine in Dick Blick store.