Sunday, October 6, 2013

Just a day.

It was yesterday's today. I can rarely steal the shot. I am, probably annoying with my hunger for visual and I can't explain.

And the sunrise from yesterday, with electric light in the sky. When you experience things alone it seems to have deeper meaning, and often you don't even use the words to describe it to yourself.

Little sketch in pencil. Here I used my precious Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602, the original vintage one. It is a bit drier than Palomino version. I spend it, I waste it, what is the point to treasure when you don't own tomorrow?


CrimsonLeaves said...

Daughter is gorgeous, but then I've said it before. Love the tiny floral material of her romper too. Something sad about your last question/statement.

Nikira said...

Thank you, CrimsonLeaves. You are very sensitive, you know. Thank you for kind words.