Saturday, October 27, 2012

To say goodbye to Liza.

Few days ago we lost our very much loved cat Liza to cancer. It was very painful for us. My daughter was probably 8 when Liza was born in our family, it was funny story, how she decided to stay with us. Our neighbor, psychic, came to us to choose a kitten for her patient, the one with healing powers, she said. She pointed at Liza and said, she is the one, the best, she is not even a cat but someone not from here. We felt pretty strange hearing it.
Liza was unusual from the beginning, when other kittens played with each other or interacted with their mom, Nikita, Liza was standing on her weak legs and stared at us, people with her huge blue eyes. She always wanted people, not her siblings. She developed black spot near her ear, like birth mark, distinguishing her from other kittens, which disappeared the next day when we decided she is staying with us and other kittens went to their new owners.
We have many funny stories about her, she made us laugh, she cared about us and our pets, everyone fell in love with her, even people who met her once. She was never afraid of anything, she loved to watch men at work, cable guys, plumbers. When we walked, she never moved, we had to walk around her, it was her house and we were her people. When we had a "girl talk", my daughter and I, she was the third girl, sitting on the bed with us, she loved it. When we cried, she run  and licked our tears, she knew when we were sad and came to the rescue.
Here is Liza on Time Capsule, near my computer.
She was the best "sleeping pill", she knew how to "restart" my heart, somehow after electric shortage,  she made it change to her pace and I felt calm and happy and fell asleep.
She was so funny.
I know animals communicate without words, I am a bit jealous, but I am sure we'll come to it too, may be through science. I experimented, it worked with Liza.
Anyway, I am happy we met and loved Liza and she gave us so much love.


Caryl said...

Shame... such a sad story. :o(

Nikira said...

Thank you Caryl, it is very sad but all we''ve had together still staying with us, just physical touch is missing.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Oh Nikira, I am so sorry and so sad for the loss of your Liza. She was wonderful for your family. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

Nikira said...

Thank you, CrimsonLeaves, we are heartbroken. I can finally draw again, it is healing to draw her, like continuing conversation.

Clare said...

Beautiful and so sad. To keep drawing your best friend will keep her in your heart. Sorry.

Nikira said...

Thank you very much, Clare, true, it was therapeutic to draw her, like she was here, and she made me smile again. And I remember her not weak and scary sick, but happy and loving, like she always was before cancer consumed her life.