Monday, October 15, 2012

Sketches in Delta sketchbook in Manhattan.

I liked this girl hugging big bag on the train. I wrote down interesting recipe of Zucchini fries, gotta try it.
People on the train.  I drew this man from reflection in the window, somehow it was harder, but I got his mood. Paper in this sketchbook is so good that I drew on each side of the page, unbelievable, 180 lb.
It was fun to draw people in "Whole Foods", even hard to see the details, big distance, but the good part is that no one paid attention, so I was chilling with my feet up on the chair and coconut water.
Some people worked on computers, other ate, some listen to music, I got jealous of that person with awesome headphones I want to get one day "Beats by Dr. Dre", the clearest sound ever. Good ones cost $300-400.
Few sketches on the way back after amazing wrap in "Wolfnights" with cashew nuts, goat cheese and meat with signature sauce. The best ever. Deserve a drawing. Small place, but cozy, with swinging seats on chains. They open till 2 am.


CrimsonLeaves said...

I cannot imagine how you just whip out these sketches so quickly and so beautifully, Nikira. They are always amazing.

Nikira said...

Thank you very much CrimsonLeaves, I was in the City, waiting and found perfect spot for sketching, in the cafeteria, in Whole Foods store. I think next time I can take watercolor and no one pays much attention to me, and everyone looks so artsy, almost like brothers and sisters.