Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eggs Benedict from Krooked Cafe in Tannersville.

The days we get breakfast from Maggie, Krooked cafe, usually remembered as happiest. She cooks with sun and love, she adds bits of samples of other food, home fried potatoes, salad leaves and fresh fruits. Her famous pancakes never the same, different spice or twist in flavor, combination of baked and fresh berries, dollop of maple syrup from local places. I heard she went to France to get experience.  She knew my name when I use to call to preorder, so sweet, we drove to her sometimes in PJ pants, listening to loud music, happy, laughing, thankful, drugged plastic boxes home and enjoyed Gargantuan breakfast.
This time too.  Was a bit chilly, but we eat outside and stared at the mountains.
I used ink, Kuretake pens on Winsor and Newton paper and, you won' believe it, Sharpie highlighter. I used 3 languages.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Sounds like a lovely start to your day and the memories of fun with your daughter made me smile. As always a just so lovely painting too.

Nikira said...

Thank yo very much, CrimsonLeaves. In our lives we are clinging to good moments, to good memories. So not easy.