Friday, June 1, 2012

Red tuck on Ave X.

Sketched in Stillman&Birn Delta sketchbook while waiting. I used watercolor and Uranus pen. Nothing special about this street except delicious cannoli in Italian bakery on the corner, which we didn't get anyway. Since years ago they start adding chocolate chips to the filling I lost interest.
I did this drawing on the back of the other sketch and paper is so strong that it took it as new, just wonderful. I am really impressed with paper quality, it is doubling my sketching space and I don't feel bad sketching fast and filling sketchbook with quick and simple sketches.

I snapped picture on my phone just in case and was surprised by interesting reflection in the car mirror. Fun.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Wonderful sketch Nikira! You spend lots of time sitting in your car! LOL I do too, when I go out with my husband. I usually let him run in to places while I sit and people watch. I'd be wiser to bring a sketch book.

Nikira said...

Thank you CrimsonLeaves. True, I love drawing from the car, it gives me privacy and comfort, and I can listen to music. Finding parking here is a nightmare, so often I am really enjoying waiting in the car because I can use my time for learning and experimenting. Try to take sketchbook with you and you will see how many interesting ideas can come up from observing and sketching even for a short time. :-)