Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surviving Irene.

After Mayer declared mandatory evacuation of our area in Brooklyn we went Upstate and got into a big mess there. Roads turned into rivers, some roads got wiped off, some places nearby got washed down, people saved by helicopters, many bridges disappear or damaged. We lost power and were stranded there for few days.
Aftermath. Our road.
 Road was crumbling.
It felt soft like sponge.
On the way back we were so happy and appreciate washing hands with soup in the bathroom of the gas station and flushing toilets. And prayed for many others who got it harder than us.


Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

I am so sorry for all you went through with the hurricane. I am praying for everyone involved. Hugs and may blessings

Jane said...

Here you evacuated to safety only to have even bigger problems. I'm glad you're safe.

Nikira said...

Thank you very much Kelly and Jane, I feel terrible for people up there who lost their homes.

Ontheroad said...

It looks worse where you went but as I told you in email we just got power a few minutes ago.

And I am glad you and all your friends are safe.

Nikira said...

Zoe, I hope power was restored up there too, but don't know yet. People said they never had it so bad, never so many bridges destroyed. We are in Green County. I heard many places around got it hard, Round Top, Pratsville, Windham, Catskill, Lexington.

Nikira said...

Greene County.

Ontheroad said...

I couldn't get any real information because I had no tv, radio or internet but I had a small battery radio and the reports from that part of the State were not good. Power is coming on slowly, one town or community at a time. I am in a very very rural area and we were last here.

New York State still has several towns with flooding and no power, and we do here, too.

Let's hope all will get better soon and that everyone is all right and no lives lost.

Nikira said...

I hope you alright now Zoe, power restored and life is back to normal. And bridges will be rebuilt. Few years back when serpentine road was washed away up there it took authorities 6 months to rebuilt it.