Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sleeping beaut.


Fabiana said...

Oh my! He's too cute, Ira!
Send him a kiss from me, please.

It's me, Fabiana (@congalaconga at Flickr). :)

Kisses and hugs!

Nikira said...

Hi, Fabiana, thank you. I appreciate it, my family is already too annoyed with me loving him too much. But I can't stand his charms and awkward love. I will post another photo of him sleeping, very funny. :-)

Fabiana said...

Haha! I know how it is... :D
At first my dad was contrary to the idea of having Snarf, that I adopted first. With a few weeks he was in love with the tiny feline grandson. He never touched a cat before, he was 70 or 71 years old then, and grow up listening non-sense about cats being perilous entities. Before adopting Snarf I was preparing him for the mysteries and the enchants of cats, so he would see how lovely they were at least.
And after two years I adopted Kiki to be Snarf's sister, so he wouldn't feel so alone when I had to get out. Now dad loves them so much he keeps telling all the neighbors and friends about their "grandchildren" and how marvelous cats are. Hahaha! Can you believe?

It's amazing! I'm glad they transformed our lives, I think the kitties spread love in the family. They became some kind of love-link between my dad and me. Dad was more sad and aggressive before the cat era. I can't live without them anymore. Love them too much. =^.^=
Dad says I have a feline soul. LOL Maybe it's true.

Nikira said...

Wonderful story, Fabiana. I believed all my life that I am a dog person, but 15 years ago my cousin and my husband convinced my to try to live with a cat and it opened a new world to me. So we got Chuckie and I fell in love with him. Cats amaze me with their reserved and loving way of life. They teach us all the time and we became better people. :-)