Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fellini sleeping.

Snapped him on my phone. Enlarged. Is not he adorable? Thats the only time when he gives me some freedom, poor mutant.


Fabiana said...

Oh my! He's too cute. :D
He seems to be a very sweet little cat.
Here I have the companionship of Kiki (female siamese) and Snarf (male orange tabby).
Kiki is glued to me, she spends all the day on my lap and she cries loud if I leave her outside the room which I am. Hahaha! So cute! Love cats more than humans I think.

:) Meow!

Nikira said...

I saw your Kiki, beautiful. People also deserve love, it is just not easy to open up, but they really want it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You must love your pet snake!

Nikira said...

He does reminds snake a bit but he is a real cat. :-)

Fabiana said...

Yeah, you are right, Ira. :)

Today it's so cold here in São Paulo that Snarf and Kiki are almost fighting for a spot on my lap to cuddle and warm up themselves. LOL I cannot complain.

Fellini must feel lots of cold, isn't it? Poor little thing... Give him a hug from me. :) And one for you too!

Nikira said...

Fabiana, We try not to use AC in the room when he is there and leave blankets for him. He has clothes but doesn't like it. I hug him all the time. Today he bumped half of his face into the wall running in front of me turning head to look at me.

Fabiana said...

Oh, poor little thing! Hope he didn't hurt himself with the bump. He must look so cute with the little clothes!

It's a pity they don't like to wear them. I always think about clothes to wear on Snarf and Kiki. Some of them very funny like a kimono for Kiki or a bee outfit with antennae for Snarf, it would be so nice if they didn't feel uncomfortable with them... but they tend to walk like the clothes weight 10kg. LOL
I will still wear them funny someday, at least to take some photos. Can't resist!!! XD

Hugs for you and Fellini. :D