Friday, May 20, 2011


Drawing of cheap Russian style ravioli. Main thing here play of reds. I used Sepia ink and 4 Kuretake pens on old stock watercolor paper.


Ontheroad said...

I went through all your sepia work to see if you mention which ink you are using, but I found two, Omas and another. Which sepia ink do you prefer?

I love the colour but haven't found a fountain pen ink that is true.

And your blog of NY and other places is wonderful. I especially like the Brooklyn ones near Coney Island because they are familiar to me and make me hungry for old world food in Brighten.

Nikira said...

Thank you very much, Ontheroad, for your kind words. I mix my ink from Omas and Noodler's Zhivago, I like very much J.Herbin Lie De The and often add Zhivago to it. I like to experiment , so it is always a bit different. I am still searching for interesting Sepia.
Want to try Walnut ink, even I think it is too red, just by looking. I often use few ink mixtures on one drawing.
I love to feel connection between past and now, so Coney Island is a perfect spot.

Ontheroad said...

Thanks Nikira for your response. I'll have to try mixing some of my inks.

I have many but not the Omas.

The Walnut is dark, but Waterman Havana is a possibility for a blend.

I really like your work and will keep watching.