Monday, May 30, 2011

Central Park.

Scene from Central Park in Manhattan. I used interesting paper I got on one of my trips to new York Central store, famous for their huge variety of papers from all over the world. Of course I don't know what paper is this, on the corner it said Glazed in pencil. It takes ink nicely, even half transparent, didn't bleed through. May be it is sort of rice paper? If you look against the light it shows thin white lines like stripes. It tried to fly away like a dry leaf, so I had to use extra clips. I like this new ink I mixed, it is less Sepia, but still breaks sometimes into antique gold.


Jane said...

A most lovely painting of Central Park!

Nikira said...

Thank you very much, Jane. The truth is Central Park have so many beautiful corners to draw. When my daughter was little we use to explore it, every time we found something new, new rock, hill, or bench under the tree, small Zoo, Ice skating rink, street performer. I have another sketch to finish.