Monday, March 14, 2011


Mural, 2 days of work. Gotta draw boat with 2 boys and finish details. Work on architectural elements.
From the other side. No place to take a pic from the middle, room stuffed with boxes. Used tints and can of white, a bit of glaze and poly.


Fabián Fucci said...

Looking good! It reminds me of the Greek segment in Disney's Fantasia from 1940.

suzanne cabrera said...

Wow...such an intimidating project...beautifully done!

Nancy said...

I love the way you left a path for us to walk into the scene. So beautiful and serene.

Nikira said...

Thank you very much, Fabián Fucci. I wish I could paint backgrounds for Disney, I am pretty fast with that, would be fun. :-)
Thank you very much, Susan. This size is not big, I put the ladder on the platform above the staircase, sometimes I have to work on high scaffolds, less comfort.
Thank you, Nancy. Client wanted lots of water and peaceful mood, he also wanted to have father and son in a boat. It is for dining room