Monday, March 21, 2011


We decide to have little fun and cooked wonderful meal together just for the family. Swiss Raclette. We got this device with the house, the previous owner was French. We didn't know how to use it and what it is, so it was forgotten somewhere in the kitchen.  But I liked the look. Then one day someone smart told me the name and I looked it up in Google, printed instruction and history and read it for group of our friends. They looked skeptical but then enjoyed it a lot.  With beer it was even better. I used Kuretake brush pens and Sepia ink in Moleskine A4. Only 2 more pages left.



Oh my! You made me hungry for raclette. Wonderful painting!

You got me interested in universal pigments and I have been researching them. Would you mind telling me where you buy yours? I found a couple of websites that sell them but am hoping to just find small quantities to try. Thanks so much for this suggestion.

Nikira said...

Thank you MARIE Z. JOHANSEN, sorry didn't answer promptly, running around. I buy tints in plain paint store, in small tubes, cost $2, $2.35 per tube. In Benjamin Moore stores. You have to massage the tube to make it smooth before opening.
You can find it in other containers, may be more dispersed, but cost more money. try it, please, let me know what you think.

Dzhony_df said...

like this!

Nikira said...

Thank you. :-) :-)