Saturday, December 25, 2010

Green combo pen/pencil, 1930.

This green marble combo fountain pen/pencil from 1930 is really good looking and would be fun to draw with if I only would be able to figure out how to refill pen side with ink. I have a wild guess that it should be this little fetus metal clip in the middle, if it pressed it will squeeze the sock.  Didn't try it yet. Underneath is Poly Prep, school, drawn with flat brush and ink. I love flat brushes. Should do something on different paper with it.


Kelly said...

I've just come across your blog. I really like the drawings you have posted...very inspirational in new ways for me.

Have you found a particular watercolor or colored ink/washes that work well with Moleskin paper?

Nikira said...

Hi Kelly, thank you, I use different inks and can't say that any ink works better then the other on Moleskine Sketch paper, just less water. And on Moleskine Watercolor paper all inks work fine, just some of it dries faster than the other. I also like to add a bit of ink from Faber-Castell Artist pens. I use Vetrerie, Omas, Noodlers, J.Herbin and any watercolor.