Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bag and snow blizzard.

I drew here bag I took with me Upstate and on the top is my new pencil with level in it, old, with 1.18 mm lead, very cute, it says "Monroe" on the clip. I was thinking it could be useful while drawing architecture, but honestly I am used to trust my eye more than measuring.  We got into the middle of snow blizzard coming back home from Upstate, it took us 10 hours of driving, 4 bags of pretzel sandwiches with cheddar and tones of music on Ipod. We saw so many accidents, cars stuck in snow, helpless people, but it was amazing too me that everyone was kind and nice to each other, strangers. Going into Verrazano was the scariest, total mess of skidding cars, trucks, people and deep snow masses.  Kind truck let us pass through to the safer grounds. And at  2 in the morning Brooklyn looked like a scene from the horror movie with snow covered streets and abandoned busses and cars in the middle of the roads, here and there people unable to part with their beloved cars. Tomorrow going there again.

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