Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 20 sketches in Hemp book.

Drew this with Eversharp, pretty hard lead pencil from 1920.
This drew with 1932 pencil with much softer lead. Men were a little surprised by my blank expression, when I scribbled in my little green book, when business was finished, but I didn't leave right away. It was around a hundred men there and 2 women including me.What a boring conversations about women I overheard, while sketching. I drew this bagel but didn't eat it. I had to leave too soon for my next appointment.
I didn't feel bad to scribble in this sketchbook whatever I passed by, because it is cheap and small, I don't care to waste pages, I tried my new Pilot water brush, it made my day brighter.


Angela Bounds said...

Hi Nik! Great stuff as usual! The page with the bagel, the sketches remind me of Fechin. Very expressive strokes!
Your fan!

Nikira said...

Thank you, Angie. I looked Fechin up, never knew him, great work, beautiful portraits. Now I want to sketch people even more.:-)

Angela Bounds said...

Aah, Fechin is highly revered by many painters. He is one of my favorites, including the artists he continues inspire.
Angie :)