Saturday, September 11, 2010

Filet Mignon.

Visiting my friends. I used Winsor and Newton small watercolor only. Was a little too weird not to have regular red, here is Alizarin crimson, but I mixed it a little with yellow and it gave me red. Before I  was thinking to get separately red, white, payne gray, ochre, umber and siena, to complete my earthy favorites, but I did this in what was included in this set, and even used little attached palette instead of separate one. I think it is enough. At first I put in the tin red from russian "White Nights", but compare to Winsor and Newton paints it felt like painting with shoe cream, so I took it out. Meat was delicious, so I wanted to pay tribute to this spontaneous party and our drawing session afterwards.


Clyde Semler said...

Very harmonious watercolor. You balanced your palette by neutralizing those brighter colors you are not used to. I, also, like those muted earthy tones. But I find it a challenge sometimes to "tame" the brighter palette. Hope you work more in this lively chromatic manner.

Nikira said...

Thank you very much. I was experimenting with limited palette and tried to keep light "unfinished" look. I like bright colors, really want to get inks and do something with it. Your paintings are so beautiful.