Thursday, May 1, 2014

Very rainy but not a bad day.

Today, April 30 , was my Birthday, and I was planning to draw, but spent only five minutes on outlining greek sausage in pita and the rest of the day listening to rain, virtual communication, overeating cake and thinking about composition with horses. 

Night job: glazed wall and placing letters on it.

Letters attached, half a job done.


Charlin Masterson said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hoping for sunshine and the thunder of hoofbeats in your near future.

Nathalie said...

Congratulations! The best work - what may be better in your birthday :)
Поздравляю! Что может быть приятнее любимой работы в день рождения? Прошу прощения за корявый английский (тут такой смайлик с букетом)

Nikira said...

Thank you very much, Charlin! You made my day brighter. :)

Nikira said...

English is very good, Natalia! Thank you very much! Большое спасибо, Наталия! Порисовать не удалось, дождище, только вечером, минут 5 повозила кисточкой по незаконченному рисунку с греческой сосиской. :)