Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Carrousel Sin Fin.

Carrousel Sin Fin... My interpretation of one of my favorite songs by Federico Aubele " Carrousel Sin Fin". I have been carrying this image in my head for a long time, since the concert, it was on my to do list. I didn't know the lyrics, couldn't find translation online, so just obeyed the feelings from this song, just trusted the melody.

Here is the actual song. Carrousel Sin Fin.
May be someone, who understand Spanish, will tell what this song is about? I used ink, bits of gold paint, didn't scan well, few Kuretake pens. We should always do what we planned, even if t is not coming out the way see it in our heads. I feel better now, even it is not exactly what I was dreaming about. 

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swapotron said...

Hi Nikiraart,

I bumped on your page while I was looking for the meaning of "Carrousel sin fin". Federico Aubele has joined my league of favorites and is among Pink FLoyd, Led Zeppelin, Gotan Project and Oasis. A few to name. I can relate to your picture, those songs make you visit an unknown place and paint a picture of your own imagination there. You must listened to Suena mi Guitarra, Esta Noches... and more. Same transcendental effect!

Thank you,