Sunday, August 11, 2013


Sketch in the salon and my new adorable tool from Goulet.  New ink, Noodler's Rome Burning in Gamma sketchbook.


New tool and new ink from Goulet Pens. So far I am in love.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Another wonderful sketch, Nikira. That blue color is fabulous!

Nikira said...

Thank you, CrimsonLeaves, from Indiana. :)

Greg said...

Is that one of the Noodler's Konrad brush pens? If so, how would you compare it to your Kuretake?

Nikira said...

Yes, Greg, it's so different from what I have,very thin brush head. It is different purpose, it could be filled with ink. I like it very much,so far, I filled it with my new ink and used it on Green limes and sketches. I am afraid to use my organic inks in it, because it may clog it.